Decks, Windows & Carpentry

We provide restoration of existing decks, construction of new decks, and replacement of solid deck surface systems. We are Duradek certified installers. We also provide structural repair and replacement of damaged building components and trim replacement. We also provide window replacement.

Who does this?

In most situations the so-called replacement windows offered by home improvement centers and window installation contractors are not the right fit for your needs. Over the years we have investigated numerous water infiltration issues that resulted from the originally installed flanged style window being replaced with what is commonly termed as a "replacement window" or a "flange-less window".

What's The Difference?

Replacement style windows do not have an exterior perimeter nailing flange, which is needed in order to incorporate your windows into the exterior building envelope's water shedding capabilities. This is why "new construction" (or "flanged") windows were used by the builder of your structure. The exception would be a brick, stucco or similar facade.

Why Do They Do This?

It's simple, most of these installers count on your lack of knowledge regarding window installation. They are called replacement windows after all, right? Installing windows without the flange, which means you do not need to remove any exterior siding or trim, is quick, easy and HIGHLY profitable. Generally you will be offered a fantastic warranty (such as lifetime) on your new windows with a flashy, carefully crafted sales presentation by a commissioned salesperson.

One simple rule applies: New windows must be replaced with the same style of window that is being removed. If your chosen installer does not want to do this, you may find yourself with leaks or structural rot in the future, which we have seen way too many times. Call the installer and you may get them to come out and look at the problem, perhaps re-caulk it. I have also heard customers being told, "It's not your window, it's the siding leaking. Sorry, we can't help you with that".